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Vaporesso Nexus All-in-One Kit

In the modern age of vaping, most device manufacturers focus on the sub-ohm enthusiast community. The decision-making process is somewhat understandable, given that the sub-ohm platform takes the most advantage of the vaporizer’s technical advantages. Unfortunately, that leaves analog traditionalists out in the cold. This is where the Vaporesso Nexus Kit comes into play.

Specifically designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, the Vaporesso Nexus Kit is truly an answered prayer for vape enthusiasts transitioning to the digital platform. Lightweight and compact, the Nexus perfectly complements the everyday vaper’s lifestyle. It can be carried for an extended period of time, yet you’ll hardly recognize it’s there. When the times to enjoy a quick session, the Nexus delivers reliably and on cue.

Upon opening the Vaporesso Nexus Kit packaging, you’ll notice immediately the unique design elements that the manufacturer’s artisans deployed. The Nexus is an exquisite vaping device, featuring a bezel-like chassis that protrudes outward at the center. Throughout the overall body, designers incorporated crisp lines that beautifully contrasts with the Nexus’s undulating proportions.

More importantly, the Vaporesso Nexus is incredibly discreet. Against common office and household devices, the Nexus doesn’t stand out in the least, which is great for inconspicuous vaping. However, what separates this MTL vaporizer against the competition is its attractiveness. There’s a common way to do discreet – bland, boring designs – and then there is the Vaporesso way..

Too many times, mouth-to-lung vapers have been stuck with yesteryear’s design advancements. Thanks to Vaporesso’s innovative kits, and approach to both the sub-ohm and MTL categories, all enthusiasts irrespective of vaping preference can enjoy the digital platform’s abundant benefits.

Powering the Vaporesso Nexus Kit is an internal 650 mAh battery. Due to its exceptional engineering, efficient energy outflow, and the mouth-to-lung methodology, the Nexus battery delivers consistent draw quality throughout its powerband. It also lasts an incredibly long time, especially compared against sub-ohm vaporizers. Since MTL vaping incorporates higher resistances, by default, these specialized devices consume less power.

Of course, no electrical device can run indefinitely. When it’s time to recharge your battery, the Vaporesso Nexus replenishes at a rapid clip. Vaporesso engineers integrated a 1A charging current in the 650 mAh battery, resulting in a 40 minute recharging time from complete depletion. That’s not something that you’ll find readily in a sub-ohm vaporizer!

Adding to the Nexus’ utilitarian value is its 2.0 ml capacity e-liquid reservoir. While that may not sound like much on paper, it actually is a competitive metric against some popular sub-ohm devices. Furthermore, MTL devices consume less liquid gold than their sub-ohm counterparts for the same reason listed above – vaporizers like the Vaporesso Nexus operate at higher resistances, thereby using less power and e-juices.

What this science means is very simple: whether you want to enjoy your Nexus for soothing sessions at home, or you want to take it out on the road for extended trips, you’ll find the 2.0 ml capacity very adequate in a mouth-to-lung platform.

And unlike other MTL rivals, the Vaporesso Nexus utilizes a distinct top-fill e-juice reloading pod system. Simply remove the top cap, which reveals a large fill port. From there, take your choice e-liquid and reload. You don’t have to remove the atomizer coil beforehand, making the entire process smooth and intuitive. Furthermore, with this simplicity, you help eliminate accidents and spills.

Another nifty feature of the Nexus’ e-liquid reservoir is its see-through glass chamber. Most MTL devices have you guess how much juice is remaining, potentially risking a dry hit. Vaporesso helps prevent this deeply undesirable experience by letting you know exactly how much of your choice flavors you have remaining.

Underlining the Vaporesso Nexus Kit is the company’s revolutionary CCELL Coil. A proprietary and revered technology, the CCELL utilizes a unique heating element that delivers your e-liquid directly and pristinely to the atomizer head’s wiring. The end result is superior flavor replication, powerful performance, strong throat hits, and the unmistakably tight draws that represent the hallmark of analog platforms.

Additionally, the Vaporesso CCELL Coils are engineered to last, meaning that you won’t find yourself constantly replacing your coils. So whether you’re a sub-ohm or MTL enthusiast, the Nexus Kit is worth serious consideration. Resilient in almost any environmental condition, and combined with its discrete attributes, the Nexus simply hits where other devices cannot.

Moreover, the Vaporesso Nexus Kit represents extraordinary value. Pre-installed in the packaging is the NX CCELL Coil, which is resistance-rated for 1.0-ohm, and features a power band between 7W at the low to 12W at the high. For MTL enthusiasts that want the perfect combo of flavor and tight-draw performance, the CCELL delivers an unrivaled experience.

One of the biggest movements in the vaping community is the rise of nicotine salts. These specialized e-juices are designed to deliver a quicker nicotine hit than is possible in normal MTL-centric liquids. However, utilizing nicotine salts in powerful, sub-ohm devices is incredibly dangerous. The Vaporesso Nexus, though, is designed to utilize both standard e-juices as well as nicotine salts, providing another boost to its overall value proposition.

And that’s not all with the Nexus’ long list of features. As both sub-ohm and MTL enthusiasts will proclaim, air control is everything. The Nexus by Vaporesso is one of the few MTL-specific devices that incorporates an intuitive adjustable airflow system. Open it up for smoother deliveries, or narrow it for tighter draws that replicate the analog platform – the choice is yours.

At the bottom of the Vaporesso Nexus sits a small, discreet external on/off button. Integrated within the power button is an LED indicator. A white light indicates that battery power is above 70%, while a yellow light indicates power between 30% to 70%. A red, as you probably guessed, indicates low battery life below 30%. Just like international street signals, the colors are intuitive, and don’t have you guessing around for proper interpretation.

Finally, the Vaporesso Nexus Kit utilizes the company’s innovative Omni Board Mini computer chip. Derived from the Omni technology found in Vaporesso’s premium flagship devices, it provides the Nexus the capacity to deliver important safety features. These primarily include auto temperature control, which prevents e-liquid burn, and low liquid detection, which automatically shuts down the heating element if the e-juice in the reservoir tank is too low. This prevents the aforementioned dry hit, one of the worst experiences in the vaping process.

Ultimately, the Vaporesso Nexus Kit is a device suitable for every vaping enthusiast. For the MTL vaper, the Nexus delivers powerful performance with all the technologies seen in premium sub-ohm devices. For the sub-ohm aficionado, the Nexus offers extreme reliability, extensive range, and practical portability that’s difficult to replicate. Finally, this all-in-one device has a price point that just can’t be beat. Who doesn’t want to save money these days?





2 ml






1.0 Ohms


50% VG or Lower






Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Vaporesso Nexus Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

Battery Capacity: Internal 650 mAh

E-Juice Capacity: 2.0 ml

Height: 3.37 Inches (85.7 mm)

Width: 1.34 Inches (34 mm)

Depth: 0.68 Inches (17.2 mm)


Vaporesso Nexus Kit Includes:

1 x Vaporesso Nexus

2 x Vaporesso NX CCELL 1.0 Ohm Coil

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Guide

Vaporesso Nexus Kit Features:

Amazing new MTL device from Vaporesso

Clean, attractive design perfect for discrete vaping

Efficiently-sized 2.0 ml capacity e-juice reservoir

See-through e-liquid indicator for quick assessment

Ultra-convenient top-fill e-juice reloading mechanism

Light, compact design enables practical everyday carry

Revolutionary CCELL atomizer coil system included

Robust flavors and excellent tight-draw performance

Advanced Omni Board Mini chip provides incredible safety

100% authentic Vaporesso

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