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Vaporesso Cascade One Starter Kit

Quite often, new competitors to any industry succumb to wide-eyed shock. You never know what you get yourself into until you’re actually in the situation, leading to what we term “rookie mistakes.” However, a few upstarts manage to upset this trend by firing on all cylinders. Vaporesso is one of those high-flying manufacturers, and their latest Vaporesso Cascade One Kit affirms their reputation.

Unlike other fresh competitors, Vaporesso entered the vaping arena with absolutely zero fear. With their initial product portfolio, they sent multiple shots across the bow, challenging the status quo established by this sector’s elite manufacturers. Pushing the performance envelope, what makes the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit so special is that the company proved that quality isn’t limited to those with deep pockets.

Gorgeously designed with equally stunning packaging, the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit redefines the starter kit category. Featuring the groundbreaking Cascade One Mod and the equally stunning Cascade Mini Tank, this densely-packed vaping kit has everything you could possibly want to catalyze your journey into the art of chasing cloud!

Vaporesso Cascade One Mod

The Vaporesso Cascade One Mod is designed for one critical purpose: to deliver extraordinary vapors in a discreet, inconspicuous platform. Everything else is just gravy. To that end, the Cascade One Mod hits it out of the park!

Featuring a true pen-style vaporizer, the Cascade One moves sharply away from current manufacturing trends, which are largely focused on producing box-shaped mods. While the latter is certainly carries more pizzazz than the pen-style vaporizer, it’s also more challenging for portability purposes. With public sentiment towards vaping not necessarily overwhelmingly favorable, many vapers prefer the practicality of a compact device.

This is exactly what you get with the Cascade One Mod – no excessive bells and whistles; just a clean, classic platform that doesn’t arouse unwanted attention. That, however, doesn’t mean the Cascade One is boring. Vaporesso artisans included an array of color options, with each one blending effortlessly into this timeless design.

What else that’s effortless is how quickly you can stow away the Vaporesso Cascade, even at a moment’s notice. With the tank attached, this mod stands at just a hair over four-and-three-quarters inches. More impressively, the diameter of the Cascade measures only 0.87 inches. The untrained eye would regard this device as a pen or highlighter, further enhancing the Cascade’s discretion cred.

Vaping with the Cascade Mod is a breeze. In contrast to competing devices that are relying on ever-increasing complexities, the Cascade is a true throwback. Integrated subtly into the chassis is a single fire button – there’s no guesswork involved, making this device ideal even for novice vapers. Underneath the fire button is a light indicator that communicates all the necessary and critical information you need.

Convenience and portability aside, the biggest advantage of vaping with the Vaporesso Cascade One Mod is its oversized battery capacity, tipping the scales at 1,800 mAh. Because this is a compact vaporizer, the Cascade simply doesn’t need outlandish capacity, yet it’s available for any enthusiasts that want to push the performance envelope.

And unlike other compact mods that are marketed as discount devices, the Vaporesso Cascade One Mod is incredibly reliable and resilient. Its power ratings aren’t just for show – you can drive up and down its performance range without experiencing a hiccup.

Moreover, engineers integrated a proprietary 2A Quick Charge system, making the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit incredibly versatile. From a completely depleted battery, you can expect to get a full recharge in one just hour. Therefore, the Cascade isn’t just a workplace vaporizer – you can use this as your everyday carry or for long trips on the road.

The core reason why the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit stands out is due to the company’s unique Omni Board Mini chip. According to the company, the Omni is the vaping market’s most advanced regulated chip, ensuring both extreme performance and robust safety mechanisms.

Like some of the elite names in vape manufacturing, the Vaporesso Cascade One Mod includes a “Flash Heat” detector and a “Smart Atomizer Identification” system. Furthermore, it provides an array of safety features, including: short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, no-load protection, overheating and overtime protection, and finally, low-power protection.


Vaporesso Cascade Mini

A vaporizer mod is only as good as the tank to which it is attached. Fortunately, the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit includes one of the best compact sub-ohm tanks in the business – the Cascade Mini.

Eschewing unnecessarily gaudy and aggressive styling, the Mini sub-ohm tank instead opts for the same subtlety and succinctness of design found in the kit’s mod. It’s of course a perfect concoction, with the two combining for a discreet package that flies under the radar.

What isn’t so discreet, though, are the Cascade Mini’s performance metrics. Utilizing the Vaporesso GT Mesh Coil and the GT CCELL 2 Coil, enthusiasts have a broad range of vape styling options. For those that desire to blast away with earth-shattering rips, the GT Mesh Coil – with a resistance rating of only 0.18-ohms – delivers the goods, creating unbelievably robust clouds from such a small package.

Furthermore, this atomizer system’s mesh-coil material is inherently more resilient than other coil construction materials, leading to both a longer life and the ability to take on increasing power ratings. Also, many vape connoisseurs report superior flavor profile from mesh atomizers due to the increased surface exposure to choice e-liquids.

For vapers that desire a soothing, smoother draw, the Vaporesso Cascade Mini is compatible with the GT CCELL 2 Coil, which has a resistance rating of 0.3-ohms. The GT CCELL facilitates a narrow power band of 35W at the low and 40W at the maximum, which is perfect for the beginner vaper getting his/her start in the digital arts.

No matter what atomizer setup you elect, the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit can always be depended upon to evoke exceptional flavor quality. This is because engineers have incorporated a unique isolation structure in the reservoir tank component.

Dissimilar to the standard structure – which combines the atomizer head and reservoir area – the Vaporesso Cascade Mini separates the two compartments. This setup creates consistent draw quality, and rich flavors throughout the chosen power rating. Furthermore, the isolation structure helps prevent the dreaded dry hit, and it also aids in extending coil life.

Yet even with this isolation structure, Vaporesso engineers found a way to maximize reservoir capacity. The Cascade Mini features a generous 3.5 ml capacity, which rivals leading compact sub-ohm tanks. Moreover, nothing tastes quite like the Cascade due to the aforementioned reservoir innovation. Nevertheless, with this advanced tank, you get the best of both worlds!

For further modularity, the Vaporesso Cascade Mini incorporates a groundbreaking triangular airflow adjustment system. Air comes in from three directions, forming a “tri-oval” of oxygen. This schematic produces the perfect “air-fuel” mixture, resulting in ridiculously voluminous clouds.

With so many features on tap, the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit represents exceptional value for the money. However, it’s not just about how many items are included in this package; it’s their overall quality. From extraordinary innovations to exceptionally utilitarian end-user conveniences, the Vaporesso Cascade One Kit is the ideal choice for vaping veterans looking for a great deal, or newcomers to the cloud-chasing arts.

Vaporesso Cascade One Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

Battery Capacity: 1,800 mAh

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Height: 4.76 Inches (121 mm) (Including tank)

Diameter: 0.87 Inches (22 mm)


Vaporesso Cascade Mini Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vaporesso

E-Juice Capacity: 3.5 ml

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass


Vaporesso Cascade One Kit Includes:

1 x Vaporesso Cascade One Mod

1 x Vaporesso Cascade Mini Tank

1 x GT Mesh Coil (0.18-Ohms)

1 x GT CCELL2 Coil (0.3-Ohms)

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Guide

Vaporesso Cascade One Kit Features:

Convenient new starter kit from Vaporesso

Super-discreet pen-style vaporizer system

Incredible 1,800 mAh internal battery capacity

Sleek, classic design perfect for inconspicuous vaping

Robust craftsmanship and expert design work

Generously-sized 3.5 ml e-juice reservoir tank

2A Quick Charge system for extremely fast recharging

Includes two powerful, groundbreaking atomizers

Exceptional flavor profile and quality

Tremendous value for the dollar

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