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Vaporesso Cascade One PLUS Starter Kit 

As the vaping industry pushes forward with dramatic new inventions and innovative technologies, the marketing focus has shifted towards equivalently bold aesthetics. The trend is hardly surprising – no manufacturer will invest significantly in research and development, only to coat their concoctions in a boring, derivative chassis.

As a result, more vaporizers today are offered in the “box-style mod” format, which provides greater surface area to evoke specific aesthetic responses. However, for many real world applications, the box mod is not always the most practical option. Vape enthusiasts demand awe-striking designs as usual, but they also need exceptional portability.

This is exactly what Vaporesso had in mind when they set out to develop their practical, everyday carry vaporizer. The Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit is the premium version of the Cascade One series – an award-winning, pen-style vaporizer that is deployable in a variety of circumstances.

Whether you want to steal a quick session at the office, or enjoy long, soothing draws in the comfort of your home, the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit has everything you need, and the extra capacity to keep you going.

Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Mod

As previously mentioned, the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit features a pen-style vaporizer mod. With a height of only 5.43 inches, and a diameter less than one inch, the Cascade One Plus is about as compact and versatile of a vaporizer that you can get. It’s also incredibly lightweight, meaning that you can carry this device with you all day without noticing its presence.

This points to the practical portability of the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus. While other device formats are marketed as compact, their dimensions often contradict their stated mission purpose. For instance, box mods are difficult to conceal, and their very nature can cause “pocket bulge” – not a great look, especially if you already have other stuff in your pockets!

In contrast, the ultra-thin profile of the One Plus mod allows it to be dropped in anywhere. You can even carry it on your breast pocket, which most people will assume is a pen, highlighter or laser pointer.

That said, one of the primary concerns about so-called discreet, compact devices is that they’re often too discreet. But rip open the packaging for the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit and you’ll find no such problems with this offering!

For starters, Vaporesso offers multiple color offerings for the Cascade One Plus. Should you desire ultimate discretion, you can opt for a classic look such as stainless steel. Otherwise, you have the option of dialing up the pizzazz, such as the rainbow-colored variant.

More importantly, no matter what Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit you choose, each mod is designed with expert skill and craftsmanship. The sheen from the stainless steel body stands out, while the Cascade Baby Tank is a perfect complement to the overall aesthetic.

Moving further into the technical specifications, what distinguishes the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit from the standard Cascade One Kit is the 3,000 mAh internal battery. In the standard version, the battery has an 1,800 mAh capacity, which in and of itself is incredible. However, with the additional 67% battery juice, the One Plus simply has greater range, requiring less time recharging.

When that inevitability arrives, the Cascade One features an advanced 2A Quick Charge system. From a completely depleted state, the 3,000 mAh battery recharges in just 1.5 hours. Compare that to the smaller-capacity standard iteration, which recharges in one hour. The One Plus gives you 67% additional capacity, but only takes 50% longer to recharge, confirming the Plus Kit’s incredible power efficiency!

Moreover, this premium variant includes Vaporesso’s brilliant Omni Board Mini computer chip. One of the most advanced chips in the vaping market today, the Omni Board Mini provides multiple safety and functionality options, key among them the “Auto Preheating” and “Smart Atomizer Identification” features.

In addition, the Omni Board Mini provides: short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, no load protection, over-temperature protection, overtime protection, and low-power protection. Covering the common technical issues and mishaps that occur in vaping, the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus mod lets you enjoy your sessions without having to worry about extracurricular events or circumstances.

Vaporesso Cascade Baby Tank

Convenience and practicality will always be among the top-ranked attributes for a leading vaporizer. However, if a device doesn’t perform in the cloud production and flavor profile departments, it’s simply not going anywhere fast.

That’s why for their premium pen-style kit, the vaunted manufacturer included the Vaporesso Cascade Baby Tank. Known for its robust plumes, accurate flavor translation, and consistent reliability under different pressures and environments, the new Cascade Baby Tank also features extended range.

In the standard variant Cascade One Kit, the included Cascade Baby Tank integrated a 3.5 ml capacity e-liquid reservoir. In the Cascade One Plus Kit, the reservoir has been bumped up to 5.0 ml. With nearly a 43% capacity boost, this device can be constantly vaped throughout the day without requiring unnecessary reloads or recharges.

Better yet, just like in the box mod platform, the Cascade Baby Tank utilizes an ultra-convenient top-fill mechanism. Simply lift up, and pivot away the top lid, which reveals a generously-sized fill portal. From there, just drip in your choice flavor, and close up the top lid. Now, you’re ready to vape – no mess and no fuss!

Underlining the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit are two groundbreaking GT atomizer coils: the GT Mesh Coil, which is pre-installed in the kit, and the GT CCELL 2 Coil. The GT Mesh is resistance rate at 0.18-ohm, which of course features a mesh wicking material. This particular setup enlarges the heating area, increasing contact points with the cotton wick. Moreover, the GT Mesh Coil material heats rapidly and evenly, producing superior flavor profiles than is possible in other formats.

On the other side of the equation, the Vaporesso GT CCELL 2 Coil is an extraordinary rethink of the atomizer system. Utilizing a proprietary technology, the GT CCELL 2 delivers e-liquids directly into the atomizer head’s wiring, producing exceptional flavor translation and out-of-this-world draw quality. Rated at 0.3-ohms of resistance, and a powerband between 35W to 40W, the GT CCELL 2 is particularly useful for generating smooth, soothing sessions. At the same time, it can produce excellent cloud production when called upon.

Aiding in the flavor retention is the Cascade Baby Tank’s unique isolation structure. Unlike so many other vape tanks, the Cascade Baby separates the coil and e-liquid chambers. What this means is that only the perfect amount of liquid gold hits the atomizer head every time you draw. As a result, the Cascade Baby produces insane draw consistency, and the isolation structure helps prevent the dry hit. Also, it’s less taxing on the coils themselves.

Finally, for enthusiasts who want to modulate their sessions down to the last nuanced puff, Vaporesso integrated a revolutionary triangular adjustable airflow system. Air enters into three specially-designed portals which produce ideal “air-fuel” mixture ratios. Vapers can then decide whether to loosen the texture of the draws, or tighten them up.

With the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit, you’ll find no shortage of modularity options. Moreover, you get exceptional performance and power capacity that’s simply not common in a vaporizer system this size. Lastly, the Cascade One Plus Kit represents incredible value – you should get yours today at while supplies last!

Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

Battery Capacity: 3,000 mAh

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Height: 5.43 Inches (138 mm) (Including tank)

Diameter: 0.96 Inches (24.5 mm)


Vaporesso Cascade Baby Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vaporesso

E-Juice Capacity: 5.0 ml

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass


Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit Includes:

1 x Vaporesso Cascade One Mod

1 x Vaporesso Cascade Mini Tank

1 x GT Mesh Coil (0.18-Ohms)

1 x GT CCELL2 Coil (0.3-Ohms)

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Guide

Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit Features:

A new, premium starter kit from Vaporesso

Super-discreet pen-style vaporizer system

Incredible 3,000 mAh internal battery capacity

Sleek but exceptionally attractive outer chassis

Sturdy construction and expert design work

Massively-sized 5.0 ml e-liquid reservoir tank

2A Quick Charge system for extremely fast recharging

Includes two powerful, revolutionary atomizers

Extraordinary flavor accuracy and translation

Superior value for the dollar

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