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Smok X Cube Mini 75W Box Mod

With new advanced box mods hitting the market every day, it has certainly become rare for a new product to really get you excited. The SMOK X Cube Mini is certainly an electrifying box MOD that has stirred up a massive buzz throughout the vaping community. As a smaller version of the SMOK X Cube 2, this mini version is furnished with the same incredible features as its big brother.

The frame of the SMOK X Cube Mini is fabricated with a combination of high-grade 304 stainless steel and zinc alloys. Like all steel alloys, 304-grade is strong and durable. However, this particular grade is blended with approximately 20% chromium and 11% nickel, making it exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion. SMOK then adds a beautiful brushed finish to the metal, giving it a sleek, elegant, and contemporary look.

Aesthetically, the SMOK X-Cube Mini is a truly stunning box MOD. Its graceful curves and crisp lines radiate style, class, and sophistication. The matching side fire bar graciously accentuates the device’s profile, while its LED light adds a touch of tasteful flare. The fire bar’s LED light can be customized to shine in as many as 16 million different colors. The X Cube Mini’s top positioned operation buttons and OLED screen round out the overall facade. As with the larger version, the X Cube Mini has been ergonomically designed to fit extremely comfortably in your hand throughout the day.

The SMOK X Cube Mini’s OLED screen is not only a beautiful aesthetic touch, but also substantially enhances the device’s functionality as well. The screen offers a host of useful and important information that allows you to effortlessly maintain and operate your X Cube Mini. The screen displays the output wattage, the coil temperature, the atomizer resistance, the remaining battery life, the duration of your puff, as well as the current date and time. The X Cube Mini’s screen also permits you to adjust the LED light and allows for Bluetooth connectivity.

Positioned adjacent to the operation buttons and OLED screen is the SMOK X Cube Mini’s 510 stainless steel connector. At the heart of the connector rests the device’s center pin, which is self-adjusting and spring-operated. This virtually ensures a dependable and secure connection between your X-Cube Mini and the atomizer or clearomizer you are using with it.

The SMOK X-Cube Mini is a variable wattage box MOD, allowing you to accurately regulate the output wattage. You can select a power output as low as 6W to as high as an impressive 75W, in 0.1W increments. This broad range of obtainable wattage allows you to use your X Cube Mini with virtually any resistance atomizer coil you wish. In fact, this magnificent device allows you to use atomizer coils with resistances of 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms in Wattage Mode, and 0.06 ohms to 3.0 ohms in Temperature Mode, making it perfect for sub-ohm tanks and standard resistance vapers alike.

The ability to fine-tune the power output not only adds to the customizability and versatility of the X Cube Mini, but is also extremely advantageous when alternating between e-juices of varying PG/VG percentages. Depending on the VG content of your e-liquid, the X Cube Mini’s wattage should be increased or decreased accordingly to avoid flooding and gurgling.

SMOK skillfully added temperature control and sensing capability to the X Cube Mini as well. When used with an atomizer coil made with nickel (Ni-200), titanium, or stainless steel metal, this remarkable feature allows you to adjust the temperature of the atomizer coil itself. You can set the temperature from between 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 315°C). This substantially adds to the adaptability of the X-Cube Mini, as it allows you to increase the temperature if you enjoy warmer hit, or lessen it if you fancy cooler ones.

However, SMOK took temperature control capability to an entirely new level when they engineered the X Cube Mini. The groundbreaking technology used with this truly incredible device includes cutting-edge advancements, such as Intelligent Coil Recognition, Adjustable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance and Adjustable Initial Resistance.

While in temperature control mode (TC), the Intelligent Coil Recognition system allows the SMOK X Cube Mini to accommodate the material of the atomizer coil that is being used at that time.The device comes equipped with nickel (Ni-200) sensing as the default metal, while the stainless steel and titanium sensing options are available for purchase through SMOKtech’s downloadable mobile application.

The X Cube Mini’s revolutionary temperature control capability is also brilliantly designed with SMOK’s proprietary Adjustable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. This pioneering feature allows you to modify the parameters of each wire material, thereby substantially increasing your level of control and customization.

The X Cube Mini is also ingeniously furnished with an Adjustable Initial Resistance. Also commonly referred to as “Atomizer Lock,” this innovative system sets and locks the resistance of the atomizer coil while in TC Mode. This virtually eliminates fluctuations due to poor contact and other variances, resulting in a dependably accurate and precise output.

SMOKtech intelligently designed the X Cube Mini MOD to accommodate a single 18650 battery (sold separately), rather than an internal one. This was a deliberate and clever choice, as there are a couple considerable benefits to external batteries. First, the ability to remove and replace the battery allows you to carry fully-charges spares with you in case the one in the device dies. This greatly helps ensure you are never stuck without a functioning vaporizer to use.

The other principal benefit to external batteries is that once the battery’s ability to hold a charge dwindles, as all rechargeable batteries eventually do, you can simply replace it with a brand new one rather than being forced to replace the entire device. This is a markedly less expensive option. To make swapping out the battery easy, SMOK magnetically charged the X Cube Mini’s battery door cover. You simply pop the cover off, and it easily snaps back in place effortlessly.

In addition to Variable Wattage Mode and Temperature Mode, the SMOK X-Cube Mini also offers Memory Mode. This feature brilliantly allows you to select the wattage parameters based on a specific atomizer coil, and set it to the device’s memory. This enables you to very easily alternate between various tanks and atomizers without the hassle of tuning the proper settings. You can store up to 16 separate memory settings, allowing the X Cube’s Memory Mode to accommodate vapers with extensive tank collections.

One of the most revolutionary characteristics of the SMOK X Cube Mini is its Bluetooth 4.0 module. By downloading a free app to your smartphone or tablet, you can easily monitor, track, set, and adjust your device wirelessly. In addition, the X-Cube Mini is furnished with a micro-USB port, which can be connected to your computer for firmware upgrades. This ensures that your device remains up-to-date as firmware updates and upgrades are made available. This is a particularly handy ability given the vaping industry’s rapid and consistent technological advancements.

The SMOK X-Cube Mini is not only one of the most advanced, beautiful, and feature-rich box MOD on the market, but is also armed with an array of safety features as well. This amazing device boasts Short-Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Overheat Protection, 12-Second Shutoff Protection, Lock/Unlock Capability, and Low Battery Warning. With all these safety measures in place, you can rest assured that your device is equipped to address potential problems that may arise.

From its stunning aesthetic design to its groundbreaking technology, the SMOK X-Cube Mini represents one the very best advanced personal vaporizers on the market today. Meticulously fabricated with comfort, convenience, power, and performance in mind, the SMOKtech X-Cube Mini is genuinely a pleasure to use for beginner and advanced vapers equally. 

Note: Battery is Sold Separately.



External (Sold Separately)




Adjustable Wattage






SMOK X Cube Mini Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

Threading: 510

Battery: Single External 18650 (Sold Separately)

Wattage Range: 6W – 75W (In 0.1W Increments)

Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 315°C)

Resistances (Wattage Mode): 0.1 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Resistances (Temperature Mode: 0.06 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Output Voltage: 0.35V – 9V

Standby Current: < 300μA

Charging Time: Approximately 3 Hours

Height: 3.6 Inches (91mm)

Length: 2 Inches (50.6mm)

Width: 1 Inch (25.1mm)

Weight: 7.25 Ounces (205.7g) – (Without Battery)


SMOK X Cube Mini Includes:

1 x SMOK X Cube Mini Box MOD

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Black Silicone Sleeve

1 x Authenticity Cary

1 x User Manual

SMOK X Cube Mini Features:

Made With High-Quality Zing and Stainless Steel Alloys

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

Crystal Clear OLED Screen

Displays Resistance of the Atomizer Coil

Battery Level Indicator

Temperature Sensing and Limiting Capability

Memory Mode Stores up to 16 Settings

Bluetooth 4.0 Module

Spring-Loaded 510 Center Pin

Variable Wattage

Magnetic Battery Door Cover

Uses a Single External 18650 Battery (Sold Separately)

Upgradeable Firmware

Puff Counter

Intelligent Coil Recognition

Adjustable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Adjustable Initial Resistance

Customizable LED Light – Up to 16 Million Colors

Short-Circuit Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Overheat Protection

12-Second Shutoff Protection

Lock/Unlock Capability

Low Battery Warning

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