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SMOKtech G150 Starter Kit (G150 Mod & Big Baby Beast Tank)

SMOK has been on an absolute rampage, releasing back-to-back MODs, tanks, and kits that have taken the vaping industry by storm. Meticulously crafted, immaculately designed, and unequivocally powerful, all of SMOKtech’s spectacular devices are truly second-to-none. In line with their commitment to unrivaled excellence, SMOK has now released their latest vaping kit—the G150. This remarkable setup includes both the powerful G150 MOD as well as the legendary TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank. Together, this setup delivers unsurpassed vapor clouds with rich flavor, and is equipped with a phenomenal interface that is wonderfully easy-to-use.



The power and brains behind the SMOK G150 Kit is the sensational G150 Box MOD. This fantastic device is masterfully designed and brilliantly engineered to provide for a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. Furnished with a vast array of great features, the G150 MOD is as powerful as it is beautiful. Compact, sleek, and a delight to use, this attractive device is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand through the course of the day. With smooth, rounded edges, the feel of the G150 MOD will elate you.

The SMOK G150 MOD is genuinely one of the most handsome devices on the market today. It is elegantly designed to radiate a sense of style, class, and sophistication that cannot be found with any other comparable device. Available is multiple color combinations, the metallic accent colors are designed to match seamlessly with the respective tank, together delivering an unmatched appearance that will have you grinning from ear-to-ear.

As is the case with all of SMOK’s premium products, the G150 MOD is made with extremely high-quality materials. The body of this masterpiece is made with top-shelf aluminum-zinc metal alloy. The exclusive combination of aluminum, zinc, copper, and magnesium provides durability, resilience, sturdiness, and corrosion resistance. It also delivers a radiant sheen that substantially adds to the overall gorgeous aesthetic appeal of the MOD. Each G150 MOD is also tastefully furnished with metallic accent pieces, which are also made with aluminum-zinc. However, these highlights are designed with a shiny, brilliant finish with flawlessly contrasts the matte paint of the body.

The face of the SMOK G150 MOD is graced with a large and magnificently attractive OLED screen. This component does not only substantially add to the aesthetic appeal of the MOD, but is also functionally imperative as well. When activated, the G150’s screen displays a vast range of critical data, which collectively help aid you in using and maintaining your device. You can view the remaining battery life, the output voltage, the output wattage, the resistance of the atomizer coil, the working current, the temperature setting, the mode the device is in, the number of puffs taken, the type of coil being used, and any errors that may arise while using the SMOK G150.

The SMOK G150 MOD is equipped with a massive, high-capacity 4,200 mAh integrated internal battery. This enormous battery not only allows the device to unleash large amounts of power, but also ensures that it will easily last through the course of a day without depleting. To safeguard against overheating, SMOK judiciously furnished the G150 MOD with ventilation holes located at the base of the device. This allows the battery to release warmth generated during use, thereby ensuring that it will not overheat. Once the battery has been ultimately depleted and is in need of a charge, this can be effortlessly accomplished using the included USB charging cable. You can charge your SMOK G150 with any computer, outlet, power bank, or other device equipped with a USB charging port.

In addition to its stunning aesthetic design and tremendous power, the SMOK G150 MOD is remarkably feature-rich as well. Its advanced assimilated microchip is capable of a wide range of fantastic abilities. One of the many great capabilities of the G150 is its adjustable wattage capacity. By utilizing the large tactile operation buttons located on its face, you can increase or decrease the output wattage based on the atomizer coil being used, as well as your personal preferences. In fact, this versatile MOD enables you to set the output wattage as low as 6W and as high as 150W. This vast spectrum of available power affords you the ability to use your SMOK G150 with virtually any resistance atomizer coil you wish.

In addition to your ability to regulate the amount of power released by the SMOK G150 MOD, this progressive device is also equipped with temperature control, sensing, and limiting functionality as well. When used with an atomizer head containing nickel, stainless steel, or titanium coils, this marvelous feature permits you to adjust and set the temperature of the coil itself. This, in turn, enables you to customize the temperature of the vapor that is produced, allowing for warmer or cooler hits, according to your needs and desires. Moreover, the capacity to regulate the coil’s temperature is also tremendously beneficial, as it eliminates the possibility of dry or burnt hits as well.

SMOK also did a splendid job in ensuring that the G150 is armed with multiple safety measures as well. This magnificent MOD is equipped with Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Heating Protection, 12-Second Shutoff, and Low Battery Warning. With all of these safety features in place, you can use and charge your SMOK G150 with peace of mind.


SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank:

The SMOK G150 Kit comes complete with the legendary TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank. Artfully designed to color-match seamlessly with the selected MOD, this tank is not only astonishingly handsome, but is one of the best performing tanks on the market today as well. Capable of manufacturing staggering amounts of vapor, along with unsurpassed flavor intensity, the TFV8 Big Baby Beast is known across the globe as one of the most powerful tanks ever released to the vaping community.

As with the G150 MOD, the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank is fabricated with the very best available materials. The chassis and internal components of this masterpiece are made with durable 304-grade stainless steel. This austenite metal alloy blend is the prefect choice for a performance tank, as it is resilient and solid enough to withstand the rigors of high heat and heavy use, while also being exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion.

The SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank is furnished with a 5ml Pyrex (borosilicate) glass e-liquid reservoir. As opposed to plastic tanks, the glass used with the Big baby Beast affords a set of key advantages. Due to the fact that e-juice contains levels of acidity, plastic tanks will deteriorate over time. This, in turn, will tarnish the aesthetic appearance of the tank, while concurrently tainting the flavor of the e-liquid as well. The SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast’s glass basin, on the other hand, is entirely impervious to the acidic environment, and will therefore deliver a substantially purer and cleaner flavor, while also ensuring that the tank remains visually immaculate.

The SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast is equipped with a top-of-the-line dual-adjustable airflow control valve, which is located at the base of the tank. By using the rotating adjustment wheel, this incredible component affords you the ability to fine-tune the amount of air that enters the tank when taking a hit. You can enjoy tighter hits or airier drags, based on your personal preferences. Moreover, the ability to regulate the Big Baby Beast’s air intake is also useful in helping to eliminate flooding or gurgling when alternating between e-liquids containing varying levels of vegetable glycerin (VG).

One of the most innovative and pioneering characteristics of the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank is its revolutionary top-fill e-juice system. This design provides the same benefits as other top-fill systems, namely the ability to add e-juice without needing to separate the tank from the battery. However, unlike other top-fill tanks, the TFV8 Big Baby Beast is configured with a swinging top-cap, which opens and shuts on a hinge. This eliminates the need to unscrew the top cap to expose the juice ports, as is the case with virtually all other top-fill tanks on the market today.

Making the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank even more convenient and user-friendly is the fact that the entire device can be completely disassembled. Each and every component can be detached from the others, thereby affording you ready and unrestricted access to all of the small grooves and crevices. This, in turn, ensures that you will always be able to clean and maintain your Big Baby Beast, thereby keeping it in optimal working condition. Furthermore, the ability to remove the included drip tip permits you to interchange it with any compatible 510 mouthpiece you wish. This affords you the ability to customize the look and feel of your TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank to your specifications.

Although the SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank is masterfully engineered to absolute perfection, it would be incapable of delivering such tremendous performance without equally incredible atomizer coils to function with it. SMOKtech did a truly amazing job with the groundbreaking heads that have been crafted to operate with the Big Baby Beast Tank. You can select between a host of ultra-high-performance atomizer coils, all of which are furnished with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton wicks. You can select the dual-coil Q2, the quadruple-coil X4, or the Octuple-Coil T8, among others. Irrespective of the particular variation you select, all of them will provide for unrivaled vapor production and truly intense flavor as well.

If you are looking for a vaping kit that genuinely has it all, then the SMOK G150 is definitely the way to go. Unequivocally attractive, incredibly well-performing, and meticulously crafted, the SMOK G150 Starter Kit is unmatched in every form and fashion.





Intermediate, Advanced


50% or Higher VG




SMOK G150 MOD Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOKtech

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 6W – 150W

Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 315°C)

Resistance Range (Wattage Mode): 0.1 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (Temperature Mode): 0.06 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Battery Capacity: 4,200 mAh

Standby Current: <500uA

Height: 2.95 Inches (75mm)

Width: 1.93 Inches (49mm)

Depth: 1.14 Inches (29mm)

Weight: 7.42 Ounces (210.4g)


SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: SMOKtech

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel 

Tank Material: Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass

Drip Tip Material: Delrin

Wicking Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Drip Tip Diameter: 0.33 Inches (8.5mm)

Threading: 510

Liquid Capacity: 5.0ml

Available Colors: Stainless, Black

Height: 2.2 Inches (56mm)

Diameter: 0.96 Inches (24.5mm)


SMOK G150 Kit Includes:

1 x SMOK G150 MOD

1 x SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank

1 x Baby Q2-Core Atomizer Coil (0.4 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x Baby M2-Core Atomizer Coil (0.15 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Bag of Spare Parts

1 x User Manual

Variable Wattage

Variable Voltage

Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting

Can Accommodate All Atomizer Coil Resistances

Can Operate with All Atomizer Coil Materials

High-Quality OLED Screen

Built-In Ohms Meter

Battery Level Indicator

Massive 4,200 mAh Internal Battery

Stunning Aesthetic Design

Made with Premium-Quality Materials

Firmware Upgradable

Short-Circuit Protection

Over-Heating Protection

12-Second Shutoff

Low Battery Warning

100% Authentic SMOKtech


SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank Features:

Solid and Durable 304 Stainless Steel Body

Pyrex Glass E-Liquid Reservoir

Several Ultra-High-Performance Atomizer Coils Available

100% Pure Japanese Organic Cotton Wicks

Top-of-the-Line Dual-Adjustable Airflow Control Valve

State-of-the-Art Double-Barrel Delrin Wide-Bore Drip Tip

Groundbreaking Top-Fill Lock-and-Hinge E-Juice System

Entire Tank Be Completely Disassembled

Produces Absolutely Enormous Vapor Clouds

Remarkably Rich, Robust, and Intense Flavor Production

Gorgeous Aesthetic Design

100% Authentic SMOKtech

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