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Smok Devilkin Kit (Devilkin Mod & Prince Tank)

In any business or endeavor, it’s important to understand industry trends and to keep up with the competition. But there are also times when you simply need to drop the hammer. This is exactly what legendary vape manufacturer did with their latest product release, the Smok Devilkin Kit.

As the vaping consumer market evolved from niche enthusiast sector to a full-blown international phenomenon, manufacturers also adapted to best meet demand. Recently, we’ve seen an increased focus and development of portable, compact vaporizers. Being one of the elite, industry leaders, Smoktech naturally responded with their own impactful contributions.

But let’s not kid ourselves – Smoktech is first and foremost renowned for their incredibly bold and audaciously designed kits. This is a company that has shaped the vaping culture, introducing increasingly advanced mods and sub-ohm tanks that push the technological envelope. The Smok Devilkin Kit is aimed for Smoktech’s core audience – enthusiasts who want nothing but the absolute best.

If that’s you, the Smok Devilkin Kit is the all-in-one package you’ve been waiting for! Featuring wildly sexy design work, astounding power and performance, and a top-of-the-line atomizer system that just won’t quit, the Devilkin Kit has easily set a new gold standard in the vaping industry!


Smok Devilkin Mod

Most vape devices have to be tried and tested by several enthusiasts before they are given the green light. The Smok Devilkin Mod is one of a very select, elite group that aroused exceptionally strong demand before it even hit the showroom floor! Just from looking at the introductory promotional photos, vaping veterans knew right away that Smok had a massive hit on their hands.

As soon as you open the Smok Devilkin Kit packaging, you’ll realize that you’re about to experience profoundly powerful sensations. Smoktech marketers describe the Devilkin Mod as “the incarnation of courage and justice.” While that may sound a little over the top, the company backs up the “justice motif” with an artistically asymmetric shield design layered on top of the gorgeously constructed chassis.

However, this shield is more than just an aesthetic element – it houses one of Smok’s most advanced, 1.3 inch high-definition digital display interfaces. Featuring sharper images, easier-to-see contrast even under less-than-ideal conditions, and much more information than ever before, a vaping journalist can write an entire article just on this OLED interface alone!

One of the most important factors of this new innovation is that the display changes based on your user mode setting. Switch from wattage mode to temperature control mode, and the OLED interface will switch key data points accordingly. The most important capacity information – whether temperature or wattage – is displayed up front in both numerical format and with an intuitive “power band” icon.

The above feature is very similar to the adjustable digital dashboard found in modern exotic supercars, giving the Smok Devilkin Mod supremely futuristic and relevant functionality. In addition, all the granular details, such as puff count or resistance value, are displayed prominently in the informational sector near the bottom of the interface, irrespective of user mode selection.

Enhancing the overall aesthetic of the Smok Devilkin Mod is the ever so slightly angled framework. Unlike a straight, up-and-down structure deployed by countless mods and vape devices, the Devilkin utilizes curvature, dramatically improving its exterior styling and also setting it apart from the competition.

However, as with the OLED interface, the gorgeously angled lines improve ergonomics, making the Devilkin a comfortable piece for both quick sessions as well as extended carry. Additionally, end-user conveniences, such as the large-sized fire key integrated into the sidewall provide intuitive functionality for vape veterans and newcomers alike.

Of course, a vape device is judged not just by its looks but also in how well it performs. Naturally, this is Smoktech’s area of expertise, and the Devilkin Mod doesn’t disappoint. Delivering a wide powerband ranging from 1W at the low to 225W at the maximum, this incredible device has a setting that is perfect for every type of vaper.

Prefer cooler, soothing draws rich in flavor? Try dialing in the Devilkin Mod between 50W to 80W, which gives you the flavor profiles and textures you crave, but also the juice to extract substantive clouds.

Want something even more outrageous? You’re more likely to quit than the Devilkin Mod, which can pump out astounding wattage reliably and consistently!

Giving you this incredible control over your sessions are dual 18650 batteries (sold separately) arranged in series. The 18650 format provides enthusiasts with an incredible advantage as they’re very common and easy to find in specialist shops. In addition, Smoktech engineers spent several thousands of manhours finetuning the Devilkin’s power efficiency.

Unlike other +200W devices, the Smok Devilkin isn’t a “one and done” vaporizer system. Instead, you can enjoy this hearty mod all throughout the day on a full charge. Even better, when the time comes to juice up your batteries, the process is far quicker than in competitor models. For your convenience, Smoktech includes micro-USB porting for your charging needs – just find a smart device or laptop computer, and before you know it, you’ll be back to enjoying bountiful sessions!

What vape tinkerers will especially enjoy is that the Devilkin Mod’s micro-USB port also facilitates firmware upgrading. With this convenient feature, you can always install the latest updates at your leisure.

Finally, no true consumer-friendly mod would be complete without multiple safety systems. Smoktech is not only a leader in advanced vaping technology, they’ve also pioneered integrated security protocols, and you’ll find their efforts on full display in the Smok Devilkin Mod. Included are short circuit and overheating protection, an over-discharge prevention system, and a 10-second cutoff function.

In addition, Smoktech utilizes their proprietary Intelligent Atomizer Recognition system, which aids in compatibility and helps prevent users from accidentally installing the wrong atomizer coil on their Devilkin Mod.


Smok TFV12 Prince Tank

Motorheads like to use an old expression: there’s no replacement for displacement. While both automotive companies and vape manufacturers have increasingly focused on producing smaller, efficient products, at the end of the day, if you want uncompromising performance, you need an equivalent powerplant. This is exactly what the Smok TFV12 Prince Tank represents!

For years, vape enthusiasts and professionals have relied on Smoktech’s advanced and aggressively-styled sub-ohm tanks to deliver rip-roaring clouds and palate-spiking flavor profiles. The TFV12 Prince is the culmination of thousands of engineering manhours and extensive lab testing and real-world experimentation.

You know the Smok TFV12 Prince as soon as you lay eyes on it. With its dramatic styling, aggressive posture, and industrial-chic lines, this sub-ohm tank can’t be mistaken for anything else! Adding to the overall look is its massive 8.0-ml capacity e-juice reservoir.

With such enormous capacity, the Smok TFV12 provides the Devilkin Kit the practical range necessary to make this entire package a truly portable one. An 8.0-ml reservoir allows you significant time on the draw without requiring a reload. When that inevitable time comes, though, Smok’s innovative and intuitive top-refill mechanism contributes substantially to reloading efficiency and quickness.

Rather than unscrewing the tank’s base, and fiddling with multiple components, you simply press the top cap and swivel it out of the way. Through the exposed e-juice slot, you can add your choice concoctions. When finished, just slide the top cap back on until you hear (or feel) the firm click of Smok’s patented locking mechanism.

Not unlike most of its competitors, Smoktech understands that you don’t want just convenience – you also don’t want to deal with accidental spills or other setbacks. With the Smok TFV12 t Prince Tank, you have the reassurance that your top cap is secured tightly, helping to prevent e-juice spillage.

A new selling point of this revolutionary tank is its Cobra Resin Drip Tip. So many sub-ohm tanks incorporate the resin drip tip material that it no longer stands outs. Leave it to Smoktech to refine a standardized component for the next generation of vapers! The Cobra is in and of itself a crowd pleaser, packing in comfort, performance, and style, all in one component!

Better yet, Smoktech outdid itself with the new Devilkin Kit by introducing luminescence into their drip tips. Now, when you vape at night or in the dark, the Cobras give off a bright, unmistakable shine. If you want to make a grand impression – and we know that you do! – the newly rebranded Smok TFV12 Cloud Best Prince Tank is the way to do it!

With all the latest advancements and incredible user-conveniences, we haven’t even touched on this sub-ohm tank’s forte – its performance and flavor profile! To deliver outstanding metrics for both attributes, Smoktech preinstalled the V12 Prince-Q4 on the Devilkin Mod.

With a range between 40W to 100W, the V12 Prince-Q4 provides the perfect powerband for most vape enthusiasts. Indeed, Smoktech engineers provide a recommended range between 60W to 80W, which gives you hearty, deep vapors saturated with tonal nuances, and easy on the lungs. Additionally, the Prince-Q4 is more than capable enough of emitting thick plumes for budding cloud chasers.

But if you really want to try your hands at enhanced cloud-chasing, the vaunted manufacturer includes the V12 Prince-T10, which utilizes 0.12-ohm decuple coils. With a minimum power setting of 60W, the Prince-T10 is capable of hitting 120W, which is where serious plumes are abundant. Smok recommends a range between 80W to 110W for an ideal balance between cloud production and flavor profile.

All in all, the Smok TFV12 Prince Tank is one of the most powerful sub-ohm tanks you can find in the market today. What makes it head and shoulders above the competition, though, is that all Smoktech products are priced towards the enthusiast in mind. The beauty of the Smok Devilkin Kit is that you can get all the features that we just mentioned under one awesome package at an even better price point. 

NOTE: Batteries Sold Separately.





8 ml






0.12, 0.15, 0.17, 0.4 Ohms


50% VG or Higher






Intermediate, Advanced


Smok Devilkin Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: SMOK

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 1W – 225W

Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F (100°C – 315°C)

Voltage Range: 0.5V – 9V

Battery Compatibility: Two 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately) – (Batteries Must Match)

Resistance Range (TC Mode): 0.05 Ohms – 2.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (Wattage Mode); 0.1 Ohms – 2.5 Ohms

Height:  (86 mm)

Width:  (49.6 mm)

Depth:  (34.2 mm)


Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Tank:

Manufactured By: SMOK

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 8.0 ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Drip Tip Material: Delrin

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Available Resistances: 0.4 Ohms, 0.15 Ohms, 0.12 Ohms

Height:  (63 mm)

Diameter:  (28 mm)


Smok Devilkin Kit Includes:

1 x Devilkin Mod

1 x TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Tank

1 x V12 Prince-Q4 0.4 Ohms Quadruple Coils (Pre-installed)

1 x V12 Prince-T10 0.12 Decuple Coils

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Spare Parts set

Smok Devilkin Kit Features:

Revolutionary new mod from Smoktech

Awe-striking design stands out from the competition

Angled lines and ergonomics promote comfortable sessions

Large-sized fire button for intuitive control and operation

Attractively designed OLED interface displays critical data points

Devilkin mod pumps out a ridiculous 225W of power

Included TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Tank delivers incredible power

Massive 8.0-ml capacity e-juice reservoir tank

Luminescent Cobra Resin Drip Tip

Micro-USB port for easy charging and firmware upgrades

Dual external 18650 batteries (sold separately)

Multiple safety features keeps your Devilkin Mod running perfectly

Astounding value for the money

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