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Kanger XLUM Starter Kit

Dynamism is a common theme within the ever-evolving world of the vaporizer industry, and this is in no small part to the incredible innovations forwarded by KangerTech. Renowned internationally for delivering some of the most exciting vaporizer devices to the retail market, the vaunted manufacturer never fails to surprise. Their latest KangerTech XLUM Kit continues this remarkable tradition.

The KangerTech XLUM Kit captures vaping passion like few devices can. For a starter kit, the XLUM is absolutely gorgeous, integrating modern chic design work, combined with bold color schematics. Every line and nuance is exquisitely crafted, and the physical handling of the device is sublime. Of course, the XLUM features unreal technical innovations, especially for a portable frame.

Better yet, KangerTech remains true to its original calling: provide the best possible experience in vaping, while keeping prices reasonable and affordable. Enthusiasts will be both proud and relieved that the XLUM once again hits it out of the park in the accessibility department.

KangerTech XLUM Mod

What makes the KangerTech XLUM Kit truly special?

It’s hard to encapsulate this platform with a singular description. Perhaps the best description is that the XLUM covers the widest band possible at one of the lowest price points seen within the vaping market. At a glance, the latest KangerTech mod features a massive 200W powerplant that makes incredible use out of its new mesh coil design.

Moreover, the aforementioned power is provided by dual replaceable 18650 batteries (sold separately). Layered with the batteries are multiple safety features to not only keep the KangerTech XLUM Kit running at optimum performance, but also to help prevent accidental misfires or electrical discharges.

On the user-convenience front, the XLUM Kit by KangerTech incorporates a push-to-open filling system, which makes reloads incredibly quick and easy. This system is also mated to a 4.5 ml capacity e-juice reservoir, which has more than enough volume to last several sessions without requiring a refill.

Let’s start from the top. As previously mentioned, the KangerTech XLUM Mod is a defining beauty among vaporizer devices. I say this even compared to the wickedly wild products that routinely permeate the vaping market. With its “criss-cross” design on the front face, sandwiched with a triangular motif, the XLUM is instantaneously recognizable.

But the physical aesthetics aren’t the only impressive component. The KangerTech XLUM incorporates what the manufacturer calls “horse-race lamp lights.” When you turn on the device, and as you vape, the XLUM literally comes to life with an array of lighting patterns. You can also adjust these settings, providing you with entertaining modularity.

Another intriguing element of the XLUM Kit by KangerTech is the mod’s triangular digital screen interface. Featuring all the data that you need in a simple, but elegant interface, the XLUM Mod communicates without being overbearing. While some devices want to cram as much information in their digital screen, KangerTech thankfully remains subtlety artistic.

The KangerTech XLUM Mod is also an ideal companion for outdoor and portable use. Weighing only 120 grams, or 4.23 ounces, this KangerTech kit has a “barely there” feel to it, which is exactly what you want. During extended stays from home, you feel every unnecessary ounce. As with its digital interface, the XLUM gives you want you need, and nothing that you don’t.

What really sets apart the KangerTech XLUM Kit, though, is its MCU chip. As KangerTech’s most advanced chip to date, the brains of the XLUM provide rapid-fire heating rates, consistency in performance across the power spectrum, and stability under any situation. This is vital, especially for serious enthusiasts, “pro-sumer” vapers, and of course, the professional cloud-chaser.

Nothing could be worse than dialing in the perfect calibrations, only for the device to fail you due to an inadequate chip. With the KangerTech XLUM Kit, you can vape with absolute confidence in your equipment.

As mentioned up top, the XLUM is loaded with user-conveniences; in particular, almost all enthusiasts will love the 18650 dual-battery compatibility (sold separately). The 18650 format is readily available at vape shops, including some of the best prices at VaporAuthority.com. Plus, their ubiquity means that recharging mechanisms are likewise accessible.

But a key feature of the KangerTech XLUM Mod is its “backpack design.” What I mean here is that the kit incorporates a compact, magnetic backplate, allowing end-users to easily snap the cover open, and access the battery compartment. Furthermore, charging is done via a micro-USB port.

KangerTech XLUM Tank

Logically, a great vaping kit must feature an equivalently great tank. Fortunately, KangerTech comes through for the ardent enthusiast with the XLUM Tank.

Featuring a 4.5 ml capacity reservoir, the XLUM Tank is a well-balanced component, providing the ideal ratio between weight and volume. Those who find themselves on the road, or who must engage incredibly busy schedules will love the XLUM Tank that’s included in the KangerTEch XLUM Kit.

Moreover, the aesthetics of this sub-ohm accoutrement is perfect. Understated, yet carrying a subtle boldness in color and sheen, the purpose behind the XLUM Tank is to accentuate the kit’s mod, which it does brilliantly. Kudos to KangerTech for realizing that too much of a good thing is still too much. Many times, the less is more approach is appropriate, and that concept is proven here.

Functionally, the KangerTech XLUM Tank uses the NR2-OCC, NR8-OCC and NR Mesh atomizer heads. The NR2-OCC has a resistance rating of 0.4 ohms, and features a power band between 20W to 100W. KangerTech recommends a range of 40W to 80W for best performance.

The NR8-OCC atomizer has a resistance rating of 0.2 ohms, and runs an incredible 30W to 140W. The recommended manufacturer rating is between 50W and 90W.   The NR Mesh Coil uses Kanthal, is rated at 0.18 ohms with a recommended wattage range of 40 to 60W.  It is also compatible with the R2-OCC and R8-OCC coils.  But no matter what you choose, you can be assured of powerful performance and consistency of draws, irrespective of environmental pressures.

KangerTech XLUM Mod Specifications:

Manufacturer: KangerTech

Threading: 510

Body Material: Aluminum-Zinc Alloy

Battery Type: Dual 18650 (Sold Separately)

Wattage Output: 10W – 200W

Height: 3.39 Inches (86 mm)

Width: 1.89 Inches (48 mm)

Depth: 1.18 Inches (30 mm)


KangerTech XLUM Tank Specifications:

Manufacturer: KangerTech

E-Juice Capacity: 4.5 ml

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Premium-grade borosilicate glass


KangerTech XLUM Kit Includes:

1 x KangerTech XLUM Mod

1 x KangerTech XLUM Tank

1 x Replaceable Bulb Glass

1 x NR Mesh Coil 0.18 Ohms Coil

1 x NR8-OCC NiCr 0.2 Ohms Coil

1 x Sealing Rings Set

1 x Micro USB Cable

KangerTech XLUM Kit Features:

Powerful new kit from KangerTech

Stunning new design work

Excellent ergonomics and grip

Aesthetically pleasing TFT display

Perfectly-sized 4.5 ml reservoir

Lightweight for excellent portability

Massive power output

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